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XYZ Studio

XYZ Studio was established in 2014 to produce the best possible recording & mixing results. At competitive prices, our excellent equipment; experienced, friendly and passionate engineers, musicians, producers and videographers can cater to all music, sound, and video projects.

Alongside this, the studio acts as a rehearsal space for local artists to come in and hone their skills. With three fully functional rehearsal spaces, all types of patrons are welcome.

Meet the staff


Josh Redgard-Siler is our Senior Recording Studio Engineer and Producer.

Since Graduating with FD Hons. in Music Production and Performance in 2007, Josh has played music and worked in live and studio sound around the world.

Piano being Josh’s first instrument, he’s been playing since he was 4 years old. As an Orchestra Musician, he worked in the US, Central & South America for 3 years, as well as gigging extensively in Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk & Soul, in the UK and Australia.

As a sound technician Josh has worked in almost every possible capacity in the industry, all over the world, and his area of expertise is in Studio Recording and Post Production.
Whether you are a solo jazz singer, heavy metal band, or a full choir, Josh is keen, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about creating, recording, arranging and performing all types of music.


Conor is our Junior Studio Engineer. He started playing the guitar at age 11, studying a diverse range of music styles and techniques on his way to achieving his Grade 8 qualification.

Beyond instrumental lessons he added to his knowledge, studying Physics, Maths and Music at A-Level. This gave him the ability to delve deeper into the theory side of music and music production, feeding his keen interest in the music industry. He also built his own electric guitar from scratch using the skills he had learnt.

He received the Robin Harrison Music Award for Excellence in Music A-Level – highlighting his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for music.

He has played in his band, Haze, for 3 years. Having gigged regularly in some world-famous venues, he has gained invaluable skills through being subjected to live performance situations. He is competent with leading programs such as Logic and Pro Tools, and can comfortably operate mixing desks to suit the needs of any recording musician.

Beyond his role at XYZ Studio, he is currently studying Broadcast Audio & Music Technology at UWE Bristol at a first class standard.


Max is our resident Video Editor and Videographer at XYZ Studio. He first started studying drums at the age of 12, and was exposed to a large range of music on his way to achieving his Grade 8 Qualification.

As well as having a love for music, Max developed a hunger for film – a desire that was reflected through his study of Media at BTEC Level. Throughout his school years, Max worked in several productions providing live sound and recording. He was involved in the filming of performances followed by the creation of music videos, as well as developing animations through techniques such as stop motion, gaining experience as a well-rounded studio assistant and editing specialist.

Max’s creative and innovative side is evident in his work – videos flow smoothly and seamlessly from scene to scene, and effects are carefully placed to reflect the theme/genre of the video in hand.

With a track record of experience and success, Max is competent using professional programs that include Final Cut X, Adobe Premier, Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.